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Manish Mehta
Ph.D. Candidate

School of Computing and Engineering
Univ. of Missouri - Kansas City

450M, Flarsheim Hall
5110 Rockhill Road,
Kansas City, Missouri - 64110.

Phone: +1 (816) 235-2397
E-mail: manish.mehta _at_

Personal website:

Research Interests: Network Security/Cryptography (Protocols, applications and algorithms)
Current research:  Authentication protocols on low power devices, digital signatures, sensor networks, efficient group-key agreement.
Research Advisor:
Dr. Lein Harn, Professor, School of Computing and Engineering, UMKC.
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Recent events:

PHinishaD !! (Successfully defended Ph.D. Dissertation on Sept. 15, 2006)

Selected for Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship at UMKC



Publications: (send me an e-mail if you want a copy)



  • Huang, D.; Mehta, M.; Van de Liefvoort, A.; Medhi, D., Modeling Pairwise Key Establishment for Random Key Predistribution in Large-scale Sensor Networks, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, October 2007.

  • Mehta M., Harn L., Efficient One-time Proxy Signatures, IEE proceedings of Communications, Accepted December 2004.

  • Harn L., Hsin W., Mehta M.Authenticated Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement Protocol using Single Cryptographic Assumption,  IEE, Accepted June 2004.

  • Harn L., Mehta M., Hsin W., Integrating Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange into the Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA),  IEEE Comm. Letters,  March 2004.



  • Mehta M., Huang D., RINK-RKP: A Scheme for Key Predistribution and Shared-Key Discovery in Sensor Networks, IEEE IPCCC 2005.

  • Huang D., Mehta M., A Secure and Energy-efficient Pairwise Key Establishment Protocol for Sensor Networks, IEEE IPCCC 2005.

  • Huang D., Mehta M., Medhi D., Harn L.,  Location-aware Key Management Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks, ACM SASN' 04, October 2004.


Submitted / In Writing:

  • Mehta M., Harn L., A Wireless Authentication and Key Establishment Protocol Using Only RSA Assumption

  • Harn L., Mehta M., Zhou T., Deniable Authenticated Digital Envelope

  • Harn L., Hsin W., Mehta M., Efficient On-line/Off-line Signature Schemes based on Multiple-Collision Trapdoor Hash Families

  • Harn L., Mehta M., Zhou T., PK-MAC: A New Tool for Message Authentication in Data Communication

  • Mehta M., Harn L., Non-public-key Digital Certificates for Authentication, Key Establishment, and Privacy

  • Mehta M., Singh S., Lee Y., E-services Security, IEEE press. (book chapter)

  • Harn L., Mehta M., A new Cryptographic Design for Secure E-mail

  • Harn L., Mehta M., How to convert discrete-logarithm based signatures into Identity-based signatures

  • Harn L., Hsin W., Mehta M., An Efficient Decentralized Tree-Based Authenticated Group Key Agreement

  • Harn L., Hsin W., Mehta M., Authenticated Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol without using one-way hash function

  • Harn L., Hsin W., Mehta M., A Unified Public-Key Signature System Based on Trapdoor One-Way Hash Functions

  • Harn L., Mehta M., Zhou T. PK-MAC: Public-Key Message Authentication Codes

  • Harn L., Mehta M., Efficient Universal Designated-Verifier Signatures

  • Mehta M., Harn L., On Digital Signatures without using Regular One-way Hash Functions


PHinisheD !!

Successfully defended Ph.D. Dissertation on Sept. 15, 2006
Dissertation Title: Authentication and Key Establishment in Computer and Communication Networks: No silver Bullet
Defense Slides:  [PDF]


Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship

Selected for Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship, UMKC, 2005-2006