My Poems:  (In my native language - Gujarati)

I have tried my best to translate them in English with same poetic effect.

Tappoo - is the name I use to refer to myself.

I wrote this after spending a year in US, away from my family.
A year was more than enough for me to realize the importance
of family, something we often take for granted.

I did experience here, the life in different modes,
happiness is in a united family and that matters loads.

I wrote this while slogging during my masters studies and missing my family.
This was the time I really wanted to stop and smell the rose.

Slogging I am, because its the "more" I am seeking,
"didn't I have enough?", I wonder, at the past I am looking.

I wrote this when I realized that I was naive when it came to judging people.

Didn't know whom I should trust with 'trust'
the one who 'trusts' me, is whom I will trust.

This is what I realized when I sat down alone to think what I have been doing,
what good it will bring to me in future, and what at the end?


Like a sheep I follow others for materialistic "things",
after all, materialistic they are, they have no strings,

What belonged to you yesterday, belongs to me today,
I run after every "thing", may it be good, be bad it may,

Now got all the "things" in life, but can I appease myself?
"Did you really make use of your life?", now I ask myself,

Most of your life you have now lived 'Tappoo', its all past,
futile has been your lifetime, and finally you have lost.

I wrote these two when I received outstanding student award, fellowship,
and achieved some more personal goals.

Experiencing I am,
 their blessings in my success.

I wonder why god created the world this way.

Why god thought this way?

He created poor, he created wealthy,
some weak, some surely healthy.
Why god thought this way?

more than enough for some, but unable to eat,
some simply live to just make both ends meet.
Why god thought this way?

when look at others while enjoying my happiness,
can see them asking the god for some fairness,
looking at all this while enjoying, I feel that may be,
I have something which is theirs supposed to be.

I, Parag, and all of us want the world to be fair,
for happiness, we all should have an equal share.
Why did god not think this way?

This is when I had no one to talk to in my native language Gujarati, and I felt that
I was losing my grip on the language as a result of my new work-alcoholic nature. I hate to admit it,
but I have stopped reading Gujarati literature and may be that is the reason for this poem.

to pen my thoughts, hard is now to find a single word,
its my new struggle, a punishment for being a nerd.

This one was out of dilemma/fear/unpreparedness/whatever of engagement/marriage/whatever. I wasn't sure if I was ready for it. I was trying to think about every possible situation that I may have to face in future. I repeatedly looked back and was almost convinced that I had successfully faced many challenges in the past. I kept thinking about how this will change all my future decisions.