Well, it sounds like I have found all the good words in the world for myself :)
Although I am not a keen boaster, I decided to keep this small Flash component on my website as I managed to design it back in 2001 when I came across Flash.

About me, there are lots of things to say. Lets see, where do I start? Okay.. lets go back in time step-by-step.

I am originally from Bombay (Mumbai), India. I recently finished Ph.D. degree in Computer Science with concentration in Cryptography and Network Security from University of Missouri - Kansas City, USA. Before Ph.D., I finished my Masters degree in Computer Science in 2002. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and Diploma in Computer Technology from Bombay before moving to USA.

So, why so many computer related degrees?? The simple answer is, I am ADDICTED to this man-made machine. I got my first computer (Intel 80286, 1 MB RAM, 40 MB HDD) when I was 11 year old. Since then, as far as I remember, I have not spent a day without computers. Initially, I used my computer as an alternate gaming machine to my old ATARI TV game system. But the day a virus wiped out all my games from my hard drive, I understood the seriousness of computer security. I decided to dig more into the field. Philosophically, every day you get up in the morning, you feel that you need to know many more things in life. This is what has driven me and rest is on my Resume.

I don't remember a lot of things from my childhood before I was 11 year old.

All the way in my journey of life till this point, my family has played a very important role. I feel that I am the luckiest person on the Earth to be born in this family.

That's it. I introduced myself, now you can sign my guestbook and leave your Homepage address there.